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Inventory Reduction

We calculate your inventory on the Dell Algorithm. But we don't stop there. We collaborate with your suppliers and re negotiate the contracts. In Return, we believe in long term relationships with your suppliers

Negotiation Support

We speak SAP, NAV and Blockchain. BUT we truly believe that business always is between people. We support your management team in critical negotiations--around the globe. We analyze the negotioations partner, develop neogtiations strategies and sit on the table with you.

International Business Support

You want to explore supplier Markets in Europe? Shift your Production to Asia or bring it back to the US ? Our worldwide Network supports you in getting you in touch with the right people.

Defense Industry

We speak ITAR. We know serial number identification numbers. We know AMC-GM Part 21. If you are looking for a Partner in Aerospace or any other defense industry that works with you on a strictly confidential basis. Talk to us.

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